News - Update on ERA-NET Plus Infravation 2014 Call process.
INFRAVATION - ERA-NET Plus for road infrastructure innovation

Update on ERA-NET Plus Infravation 2014 Call process.


The evaluation of the 103 submitted light proposals to the ERA-NET Plus Infravation 2014 Call has now ended and the coordinators of the selected proposals have received an email with details of the conditions/recommendations for full proposal preparation, as well as the full proposal part B template. Coordinators now have until 30th November 2014 at 5pm (CET) to prepare and submit their full proposals, which will be evaluated by international peer review up to the end of February 2015. For more information on the process, please contact the Call Secretariat at or

Here we give a short overview of the 103 proposals submitted. In total, there were 521 coordinators and partners with a total request for funding of €122.4 million. This meant an average amount per proposal of €1.2 million. The breakdown can be seen on the graphs below.







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